Festival History

In 2019, we celebrate 49 years of community fellowship at Corn Days. Below, see how the festival has changed throughout its storied past.

Corn Days 1974


The Foundation

Based on popular “harvest dinners” in September, Corn Days began as a way to promote community spirit at St. George and to raise money for the parish’s educational programs.

Corn Days 1980 logo


Growth & Expansion

The 1980s saw an expansion of Corn Days, featuring carnival rides, sports tournaments, bigger raffle items, a Corn Days Queen and more!



New Traditions Emerge

With two decades of experience to draw on, the 1990s ushered in changes to the festival, like roasting the corn, and introduced the annual Sunday Race and pancake breakfast.

Corn Days 2004 Band


The Tradition Continues

Saturday evening spaghetti dinners and adjustments to the silent auction were the bigger changes in the 2000s, with the popular corn booth, parade and entertainment staying as the cornerstones of the festival.

Latino dancers 2015


Corn Days Today

St. George’s Latino Community took over the Saturday night meal, providing a delicious Fiesta Dinner with musical and dance entertainment. New musical acts and smaller changes in kids’ games were introduced.


Our Future

Our 50th Anniversary

As a staple of the Long Lake Community, St. George looks forward to celebrating our 50th Anniversary of Corn Days in 2020. Thank you to all our volunteers and partners for making this festival a success!